Teeth Whitening Facts Everyone Should Know – Dumont, NJ

Many people nowadays want to improve certain aspects of their looks, including their smiles. With the continuous improvements in the approach of dentistry, many dental procedures can now cater to the needs of each patient. One treatment stands out as the choice of many people who wish their teeth to become brighter and healthier looking – teeth whitening. And due to its popularity, many brands grabbed the opportunity and launched their own products that can be readily purchased over the counter. Even hacks caught the attention of many people who tried to create their recipes and claimed that it is effective.

Patients now may be asking “There are too many options! Which one is best?”. Well if you ask us at Madison Family Dental, our answer would be, Professional Teeth Whitening. Not only is it done by a dentist, but compared to other products being offered, it can effectively deliver the bright smile it promises. There is also no worry for uneven whitening and soft-tissue irritations due to the custom-made trays being used.


White Teeth


But for those people who are wondering why teeth whitening is popular nowadays, here is a list of facts we have prepared.

  • Like the skin or sponges, the teeth also have pores. Once a person eats or drinks substances with intense colors, these are being absorbed by the pores little by little. If this practice is continued, it can result in discoloration over time.
  • Teeth whitening toothpaste that promises brighter teeth do not deliver the results immediately. For it to work, the toothpaste should stay in contact with the teeth for a more extended period. However, since most people do not even observe brushing for two minutes, the product simply would not work.
  • Over-the-counter whitening products can cause more harm to the teeth and other oral structures instead of benefits. Since it settles in the one size fits all tray, people with smaller to bigger mouths would not get a proper coverage to all their teeth leaving an uneven result. Its whitening property works less since only dentists are allowed to use the higher concentrations during an in-office appointment.
  • The LED lights which usually included in store-bought whitening kits do not work. It only produces a blue-colored light and does not release ultraviolet frequency. The gel used works just as fast without the aid of the blue light.
  • Sensitivity is common after a teeth whitening session, and it would eventually disappear after a few hours. But rest assured that it does not cause any damage to the teeth.

Do not settle for less when it comes to teeth whitening! Choose the ones performed by a dental professional for assured effectivity, safety, and comfort.


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