Revive Your Smile This New Year with Dental Implants in Dumont, NJ

The new year is the time when most people ask themselves about the thing they would want to accomplish the most. Some people may think about getting a job they believe they will excel on, while others would want to travel and live their lives in the fullest. How about those who have dental woes? For instance, missing teeth? Well then, we at Madison Family Dental can provide dental implants – a game changer dental restoration!

Losing a tooth or two makes a person realize that it can affect their life significantly. Talking with other people would not be the same for a person may try to avoid it as much as possible to get away from embarrassment. The same way goes when smiling. Eating would also be quite harder than it used to since certain foods are avoided to prevent any discomfort from occurring; as a result, the body may not get the necessary vitamins and nutrients it needs.

Fortunately, with dental implants, all these can be eliminated! Patients who will avail of the procedure are guaranteed to have the ideal restoration that can serve them for many years. Unlike other restorative options available, dental implants are more stable since they are surgically placed on the jawbone instead of being worn over the gums. Titanium, which is the usual material used for an implant can promote a natural fusion between the jaw and post, a process referred to as osseointegration. Only dental implants can achieve this fortunate side effect of bone growth. Curious about what more it can offer? Here are the other advantages of dental implants that can help people consider it for the revival of their smiles!


Patient at the dentist


Advantages of Dental Implants

  • There is no need to use messy denture adhesives to keep the appliance in place. Implants are immovable, so patients are assured that there will be no slips.
  • Patients are once again free to eat any foods they love without worrying about breaking the appliance since dental implants can withstand normal chewing forces.
  • Surrounding healthy teeth do not need to be shaved for the placement of the prosthesis. Crowns, bridges, or dentures are attached to the implants, and they do not necessitate support from adjacent structures.
  • Patients can smile to their heart’s content since the restoration is designed to resemble the natural teeth for better aesthetics. The restorative device looks and feels like the real teeth so patients can have more confidence to show their grin.


Give your smiles a second chance this new year with Dental Implants in Dumont, NJ! Book an appointment with Madison Family Dental and check out our Endosteal and All-On-4 Implants. We are located at 79 East Madison Ave. Dumont, NJ 07628.