Relaxing Facts You Need to Know About Sedation Dentistry – Dumont, NJ

Many people know that visiting the dentist regularly can significantly help with the proper maintenance of their oral health. Unfortunately, some are too afraid or anxious to do so. They would even prefer to perform self-medications just to avoid seeing the dentist entirely. However, this practice is not at all a good idea. To effectively provide a solution for a dental concern, it is best to know and take care of the primary cause and not just the symptoms.


Sedation Dentistry


But what patients do not realize is that most of the dental procedures being performed are actually painless! And with the continuous advancements in dental services, an ideal solution has emerged in the form of sedation dentistry. Here are some pieces of information that can make patients think and feel more comfortable seeing a dentist!

  • Sedation dentistry makes use of certain medications that allows patients to relax and feel comfortable despite their previous negative experience. It has different levels that can be used for each patient depending on their needs and preference. Minimal allows them to stay awake, moderate makes them slur their words, deep leaves them in the edge of consciousness, while general makes them fully unconscious. These levels may seem too different from each other, but it all results in making patients feel fully comfortable.
  • Specific doses are guaranteed since dentists make sure to attend to each patient depending on their needs. Records such as medications and history are taken beforehand to provide the correct type and level without any worries for complications.
  • People with dental fear, anxiety, or phobia are not the only ones who can undergo sedation. Those who need multiple dental procedures done in a single visit, severe gag reflex, sensitive teeth or gums, low pain tolerance, and more can benefit from the procedure.
  • There are different options to feel more comfortable with sedation. The medication can either be taken orally, injected, or even inhaled. At Madison Family Dental, we offer both local anesthesia and laughing gas (nitrous oxide) as our options.
  • Necessary precautions will be discussed and performed beforehand to guarantee overall safety as well as the effectiveness of a specific sedation option.
  • By undergoing sedation, the patient would eventually lessen or even get rid of their anxiety and fear. It can make them look forward to future visits without triggering any negativity for better care and maintenance of their oral health!


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