Frequently Asked Questions About Inlays and Onlays – Dumont, NJ

Several options for teeth restoration are now readily available to cater to the needs of patients. While most of them may already be familiar to many patients, some may still be new to their ears like inlays and onlays. While this type of restoration has been around for years, other patients do not know that they have such options. For them to know more about the treatment, here is a list of commonly asked questions!


General Dentistry


What are inlays and onlays?

These are types of fillings that are not directly applied on the teeth that need treatment; instead, it is created on an off-site lab and is cemented in place once ready.

What is the difference between the two procedures?

Inlays are used to repair the damage that is located on the surface of a tooth without extending to the cusps. On the other hand, onlays cover a larger portion of the tooth by reaching the cusps or the entire chewing surface. An onlay, due to its use is often referred to as a partial crown.

When are inlays and onlays necessary?

The procedures can be performed once a tooth has been damaged by decay or accident. It can be used on a tooth that is too damaged for a traditional filling but is not yet severely damaged to need a dental crown.

How are they applied?

The procedure is similar to how dental crowns are applied, and it also requires multiple visits. Depending on the type of indirect filling to be placed, the treated tooth would be filed to make way for the prosthesis. Once the tooth is ready, impressions would be taken to make sure that a properly fitted inlay or onlay will be created. The impressions would then be sent to an off-site lab, while a temporary placement is created to place on the tooth to prevent it from being damaged. As soon as the permanent inlay or onlay is ready, the patient is required to go to the dental office for it to be cemented in place. Necessary adjustments can be performed to make sure that the treated tooth will be used properly without any issues.

At Madison Family Dental, we make sure to provide a natural-looking restoration by using aesthetically pleasing materials for a favorable result. We ensure that its placement is secured and durable, although we still advise our patients to practice proper dental hygiene, regular cleanings, and checkups for its longevity and the maintenance of overall oral health.


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